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Edo Vreeker

PhD Student

I am a physical chemist by training and I have enjoyed most of my education in the Netherlands (BSc at TU Delft & Leiden University, MSc at University of Amsterdam & VU Amsterdam). Throughout my studies I have been fascinated by the physical chemistry of self-assembling soft matter systems such as lipid bilayer membranes. For my Master’s thesis, I joined the Cicuta lab and Di Michele lab at the University of Cambridge (UK) to work on a project that involved the biophysics of liposome membranes and DNA nanotechnology.

For my PhD, one of my objectives is to optimise the membrane interface at which biological nanopores reside, to create a more mechanically, chemically and electrically robust system. Another objective in my PhD is to transform the traditional setup that we use for electrophysiology measurements into a microfluidic system, in order to increase throughput. Ideally, this microfluidic environment should also be compatible with microscopy, such that multiple methods can be combined to study and characterise membranes and membrane proteins.

Edo Vreeker
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