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©UG, photo: Silvio Zangarini

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen (RUG) has a rich academic tradition, which dates back to 1614 (second oldest University of the Netherlands).

Zernike Campus

The Zernike Campus is a top location for education, with some astonishing new buildings and facilities, as you can see on  the side from our building (Linnaeusborg, Life Science), and the Bernoulliborg (Mathematics, AI and Computer Science). 

International Ranking 

Groningen has a strong position in international ranking, constantly scoring among the best 100 World Universities.

The city 

The city of Groningen is located in the North of the Netherlands. Groningen is a pretty and lively university city surrounded by water, were about 25% of the population is a student. The city offers high living standards to students and a rich cultural and social scene.
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