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Tycho Marinus

PhD Student

When I started a bachelor in computer science I was not expecting to end up as a biological experimentalist studying single molecules. However, my interest in biology slowly grew during my academic career. In my bachelor's I joined the honours college program of the University of Groningen, the highly interdisciplinary courses of this program slowly introduced me into the world of biology. An extremely inspiring project into DNA computing made me decide to pursue a masters in bioinformatics at the Technical University of Delft.

During my masters I did a brief internship at the Dutch Cancer Institute and graduated with a thesis in collaboration with the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp. In this MSc thesis “Analysing shifts in protein structure in relation to drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis”, I studied the relationship of antibiotic resistance in relation with changes in protein structure.

After graduation I briefly focussed on my work as a freelance software engineer. While I enjoyed the work when the opportunity came to transition further into experimental biology it did not require any convincing to jump into a PhD in the KT lab.

In my free time I try to do a lot of sport. While I am always open to try new sports, my main focus is on climbing, squash and beach volleyball. Besides sports, I am a large fan of board games of all sizes.

Tycho Marinus
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